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**New Courses Scheduled**
New dates now available for the entire BTEC plus Housing Fraud, Open Source and Psychology of Interviewing.
Now’s the time to book!  See here for details.

Welcome to the ITS Training (UK) Ltd website.  If you’re not sure what you are looking for, you can have a fish through the menu system or go to the ‘A to Z’ page.

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ITS Staffing (HighRes)

Why not ask ITS Staffing for help in recruitment?   A partnership between ITS Training and RealBee recruitment, we can find just about any type of investigator or manager for you! To find out more email enquiries@its-staffing.com.

**New Phone Number**
We’ve got a new ‘phone number :  0330 022 8262.  This is a local rate call – the same as dialing an 01… or 02… number from most ‘phones.  The old ‘08454’ number will continue to work for a while.

Current Best Selling Courses
Preventing and Detecting Council Tax Fraud – all you need to know to prevent and investigate fraud against both Council Tax and the NNDR systems.
Open Source – Evidence and Intelligence Gathering – a must for the modern investigator!
Psychology of Interviewing– or how to get inside someone’s head and have a good look around…
Corporate Investigations – evolve or die!  If you’re not investigating the full remit of corporate crime, why not?
You can call us on 0330 022 8262 for booking details.

New Corporate Fraud Courses
Masterclass – Investigating Procurement Fraud – an advanced workshop on Procurement Fraud investigation.
Masterclass – Investigating Housing Fraud – an advanced workshop on Housing Fraud investigation.

About us

We’re a training company who actually care about making sure that you get what you want, whether that’s some ‘off the shelf’ training, or something we’ve designed just for you.  Although we started off specialising in investigation training, we’ve grown our portfolio to include interviewing and communications skills and a whole raft of management courses.

Our BTEC courses (underwritten by Pearson, who’ve been doing that sort of thing for years) have become, for many, the qualification of choice for public and private sector investigators.  Previous BTEC clients include investigators in Benefits, Corporate Fraud, Housing Tenancy, Insurance, Telecoms, Audit, Licensing, Trading Standards, Charitable Sector, Environmental Protection…

Feel free to have a look around… you can rifle through the menu or, if you know what you want (like RIPA, for example) you can visit the A to Z section and view a full list of courses.  When you’re ready, give us a call to discuss your training needs.  (If you can’t find what you’re after, just contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.)

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